Covid Response - Summer 2021
as of January 28, 2021

This page addresses our Summer Camp Program. Precautions and protocols regarding our Retreat Guest groups can be found here.

Camp ACC’s decision to open and operate in 2021 is based on Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as guidance under: the general Tennessee Pledge, the Tennessee Pledge Guidelines for Summer Camps, and the Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance as prepared for the American Camping Association and the YMCA of the USA, by Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.

Camp ACC has designated Julie Morris, the camp’s Operations Director, as the primary contact for campers, parents, volunteers, and staff regarding our COVID19 protocols. Please use this contact form to email any questions to her

As new information arises or new protocols develop, these protocols will be updated. Please check back here often.

All persons that are more vulnerable or at-risk for COVID-19 as identified by the CDC—including those who have underlying medical conditions are encouraged to refrain from coming to camp. This includes but is not limited to campers, parents, volunteers, staff, and visitors.

  • We strongly encourage families to limit the number of people checking in & out campers to as few as possible.
  • All who check in & out campers may be asked to wear cloth face coverings while on campus.
  • All staff, volunteers, campers, parents, and other guests may receive symptom checks upon arrival - questions regarding exposure & touchless temperature checks by trained staff.
  • Parents & campers will be encouraged to maintain six (6) feet of distance between other individuals outside of their own household.
  • To minimize congestion, parents may be asked to take turns in camper rooms to make their child’s bunk and get their belongings settled.
  • Campers, volunteers, and staff are asked to arrive with at least three (3) cloth face coverings, which will be laundered as needed.
  • No camper will be allowed to leave the campus and return once checked in.
  • We will be limiting off-campus trips by staff and counselors.
    • All staff and counselors leaving for a necessary reason, must check out and back in with Guest Services.
    • We encourage all staff and counselors to keep their circle as closed as possible when running errands – curbside pickup, drive through, etc.
  • There will be a strict limitation of visitors. Types of visitors allowed include guest speakers, worship leaders, etc.
  • All visitors will enter the main entrance and follow instructions on how to check in from their cars. All other entrances will be closed.
  • All visitors will receive symptom checks while in their cars upon arrival - questions regarding exposure and touchless temperature checks by trained staff.
  • All visitors are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings while on campus.
  • COVID-specific precautions will be presented during each camp session’s orientation.
  • Signs will be posted throughout campus reminding everyone of necessary precautions.
  • All campers, staff, and volunteers may receive symptom checks daily - questions regarding symptoms and touchless temperature checks by trained staff members.
  • Campers will be divided into smaller groups and will do most activities with those groups throughout the camp session.
  • Shower times may be staggered to minimize congestion & allow for extra sanitation.
  • Everyone on campus will be encouraged to increase hand washing throughout each day. Several outdoor hand washing stations will be available around campus.
  • Rigorous daily cleaning will occur as usual, and there will be an increased disinfecting & sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces throughout each day.
  • All kitchen & dining functions will follow the guidelines set forth for restaurants in the Tennessee Pledge, including but not limited to: kitchen staff wearing gloves and cloth face coverings, serving modifications, modification of seating layout, increased sanitation, etc.
  • Operation of the camp pool will follow the guidelines set forth for public pools in the Tennessee Pledge.
  • To maximize time outside in the fresh air:
    • Gym use will be limited to dining and rainout activities only.
    • Classes & gatherings will not be allowed indoors – shelters, gazebos, campfire, & Tabernacle only.
    • Rained out campfires will be held in the Tabernacle.
  • We will minimize the amount of time spent indoors to the fullest extent possible. Indoor activities should only include sleeping, eating, bathroom trips, and other activities as needed due to inclement weather.
  • When indoors, distancing of six (6) feet or more and wearing of cloth face coverings will be encouraged.
  • Also, when indoors and where feasible, we will maximize the flow of outside air through the facility.
  • Any camper, counselor, or staff member feeling ill is expected to report immediately to the camp clinic.
  • Any person with a fever of 100 degrees or higher or other serious symptoms:
    • Will be isolated until they leave camp.
    • If this is a camper or junior counselor, parents will be called immediately to pick them up.
    • They will be instructed to see their physician immediately to assess their potential illness.
    • If the physician orders a COVID-19 test AND the result is positive, the following will occur immediately:
      • Immediate contact tracing will be performed to determine the level of contact the affected camper had with others.
      • Any person who had been in “close contact”* with the person who tested positive, will be dismissed and asked to follow the instructions by the Tennessee Department of Health to quarantine at home for fourteen (14) days.
      • All parents of campers who do not meet the definition of “close contact”* will be called and informed of their child’s level of exposure and asked to decide on whether or not they’d like their child to continue at camp.
      • All areas of exposure will be closed for a full cleaning and disinfection.
      • The Tennessee Department of Health will be called for further guidance.