Counselor Retreat

October 22-25, 2020



We are excited to announce this exciting retreat! If you have been a counselor in the last 3 years this event is for you! It will be a great time filled with fellowship, learning, and fun!


  • The cost for this will be $25 and all of your meals will be included.
  • Thursday will be for those in full time ministry as we realize many of you will have obligations Sunday morning that prevent you from staying.
  • Non-ministry professionals can arrive Friday afternoon.
  • Junior counselors who are at least 16 years old may attend if a counselor parent is also attending.

    What to Expect:

  • Connection, connection, connection- There will be ample time to connect with counselors from the week of camp you work and to connect with others you may not know!
  • Vespers- You can't have camp without this!
  • Discussion Groups- There will be discussion groups on a variety of camp related topic to help you work though different aspects of camp that can get tricky sometimes
  • Fun-There will be games and activities sprinkled in throughout each day!
  • Campfire Camp Stories- We will gather around the campfire and share our best camp stories! I know I can't wait to hear yours!

    If you have questions please contact Juan at 423-743-3910 ext 804 or or email him here