Challenge Course & Ziplines

We have many challenge opportunities for teamwork, confidence building, and great thrills.

  • Triple Zip: Race three at a time on this 430-foot zipline thrill ride through the treetops, starting 40 feet above the ground.
  • Tree Hopper Challenger Course: Consists of four 35-foot long challenge elements, 15-feet above the ground.
  • Skywalker Challenge Course: Consists of four 35-foot long challenge elements, 35-feet above the ground.
  • The Flying Squirell: Dive from the top of a 22-foot-tall pole and attempt to grab a 4-foot wide trapeze.
  • Firefly: Enjoy this 50-foot long zipline that races past our campfire.
  • Low Challenge Course and Team Initiatives: Low elements include: team wall, balance platform, and triangle traverse. Additional team building activities can be offered as well. All low elements & team building activities are designed to challenge groups to learn to work together.

For reservations & prices please call (423) 743-3910 or email info@campacc.com