Link is a 11 week immersive and residential internship experience at Appalachian Christian Camp.

Throughout the summer, team members will receive training in areas including leadership, ministry skills, team culture, adventure elements, and first aid as well as an ongoing mentorship throughout the summer. Over the summer, team members will work with students ranging from 4th to 12th grade.



Current college-age young adults interested in working as a team to enhance the ministry of Camp ACC. These team members will experience personal growth and development while working as a leadership team for campers.


Team members will be enriched by their training and experience in their ministry skills, leadership capacity, and relationship with Christ. Each week, team members will help the camp achieve its mission to "leave no life unchanged" by leading campers to develop and deepen a relationship with Christ.


Appalachian Christian Camp is located in Unicoi, Tennessee.


May 17 through July 30.

It is the policy of Appalachian Christian Camp to recruit and hire only applicants who have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, as indicated on and consistent with our Statement of Faith (found here) and General Application Form. Because of our formation and purpose (religious, charitable, non-profit, 501 c3) Appalachian Christian Camp has an organizational exemption from the prohibitions contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964, as amended, concerning religious discrimination in employment.

Appalachian Chrsitian Camp further reserves the right to discriminate or designate certain positions when a bona fide occupational qualification exists.