Canteen Account System

We're excited to offer a new & improved canteen system. Besides offering a cashless system, campers and counselors will now wear smart wristbands, which will be used to access their canteen account.

Some advantages of this system include:

  • Faster service in the camp stores.
  • Photo verification of the camper using their account.
  • Ability to see balances from home and add more funds if needed.
  • Improved record keeping and account management.

Accessing Your Family's Accounts

After you submit your your camp registration, you'll get an activation email within 24 hours. It will be from "Appalachian Christian Camp via FunFangle Security".

After you activate your account, follow the instructions in the email. Then, you'll be able to access your account anytime. If you lose that email, simply use the button below.

Account Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still deposit canteen money through online registration?

No. We will only use this new system for canteen accounts. For everything else, we will continue to use the existing online registration system.

What if I never got an invitation email?

Please check your junk/spam folders. If you still don't have that email, please reach out to us.

I followed the link, but couldn't log in?

Please reach out to us.

What happens with balances at the end of camp?

Any balance under $10 at the end of camp will be donated to that camp's missionary or to the ACC Tuition Assistance fund. This will happen automatically unless we've heard from you before the end of camp.