Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still register through the mail?

Yes. You can download and print our Registration Form and mail it with your $100 deposit or full payment to:

Camp ACC
512 Cross Circle
Unicoi, TN 37692

If you are using a credit card you can fax the form to (423) 743-3910.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found here.

What can I do with the Online Registration system?

Through online registration you are now able to:

  • Register for camp
  • Submit Volunteer/ Leader forms
  • Make additional payments*
  • Print a statement or confirmation
  • Continue a registration or form in progress
  • Return to view your submitted registrations and forms
  • Fill out additional forms if applicable
  • Register online even if your church is paying all or part of your child's tuition.

*You can return to online registration at any time to make payments, but you also now have the option to schedule installments to pay off your balance over a period of time.

Is There Additional Paperwork and/or Will I Receive Printed Confirmation Packets?

  1. No. It is completely paperless! All of the paperwork is completed online. Also, you will not be receiving hard-copy confirmation or information forms from us via mail. It will be your responsibility to download and print all informational documents at the end of your registration. These are put together in packets - one for each program (TruthQuest, The Core, Wilderness, Summit, & PATHWay). Also, we will email you your official confirmation.
  2. Being paperless saves the camp and the campers money.
  3. You will be digitally signing the Medical and Liability Release Form. This is the exact same form and release statement as our paper registration, but instead of signing your name you will check "I Agree" and this serves as a legally binding signature.
  4. If you need a hard copy, send us an email or give us a call and we'll mail it out to you.

Will I receive reminders about my balance and how do I make payments towards my balance?

Your email confirmation will serve as your reminder. If you make any payments towards your balance you will receive a new email confirmation. Any balance unpaid at the beginning of camp will be due upon arrival and will disqualify you for Express Check-in.

How do I know if I successfully registered my child?

You will receive two emails. The first simply tells you that we have received your online registration, but it has not been processed and is not the official confirmation of the registration into camp.

When we receive an online registration there is a short process our office must go through to complete the registration. Once this is finished you will receive the second email, which is the official confirmation of your registration.

If you have a balance due, this will be shown on your Household Account Statement. You will save yourself much time and headache by paying your balance at least one week before the start of the camp - See the following section regarding Express Check-in:

What forms of payment do you take, and is the payment processed automatically?

  • We take Visa and Master Card.
  • Your payments are processed securely and automatically when you submit your registration.

When we arrive at camp, how long does Check-In take?

We have worked hard to make check-in as efficient as possible, so that parents and their children can enjoy this time together. We do everything we can to make sure, even the Standard Check-In process moves along at a good pace.

The best way to insure that you quickly move through check-in is by qualifying for Express Check-in.

What is 'Express Check-in' and how does it work?

Express Check-In allows you to skip the Standard Check-in line all together. This is accomplished by parents completing all registration steps and paying the balance in full one week prior to the start of camp.

If you have satisfied all requirements, you will receive an Express Check-in card when you arrive at camp. This form verifies that you do indeed qualify and gives instructions on how to best take advantage of Express Check-in.

  • Tuition must be paid in full:
    • We must have your family's portion of the payment in full.
    • We must have verification in writing from your church for their portion (see below).
    • All Camp ACC tuition assistance must be approved.
  • All forms must be completed, signed and received by the camp office.
  • If you have satisfied all requirements, you will receive an Express Check-in card when you arrive at camp. This form verifies that you do indeed qualify and gives instructions on how to best take advantage of Express Check-in.

What is Standard Check-In?

Standard check-in is for everyone who does not qualify for Express Check-In (see above). When you arrive at camp you will be asked to go to the Standard Check-In line to pay your balance and/or complete your registration.

What happens if I pay my balance online or by phone - before my camp starts but after the one-week Express deadline?

Because of the time it takes to prepare for the multiple camps that begin each week, payments or new registrations received after the deadline, will be considered Standard Check-In.

What if my church is paying all or a portion of the tuition?

  1. You may still register online. Please follow the instructions on the online registration payment screen.
  2. At the end of the online registration process you will be taken to the Download Forms page where you need to download a packet of information specific to the program for which you just registered. One page in this packet is a form that must be completed by a church official and sent in to our office.