Junior Counselor Program

Summary: The Junior Counselor program at Appalachian Christian Camp is a great way for older students to serve the younger students in the camp program. This gives the Junior Counselor an opportunity to develop Christian mentoring skills. This also allows Program Directors to augment their staff with wonderful young people who wish to serve others.

Junior Counselor Defined: A Junior Counselor is defined as anyone serving on the staff of a Program Director who is still young enough to attend a camp session at Appalachian Christian Camp.

Reporting: Junior Counselors report directly to the Program Director and any adult counselor the Program Director may choose.

Requirements to be a Junior Counselor:

  1. Must be at least 3 grades ahead of the oldest camper in the session in which they will be serving
  2. Must attend a camp session as a camper during the same summer in which they wish to serve as a Junior Counselor.
    1. Exceptions to this requirement are at the sole discretion of the camp's Executive Director and will be rare. The request must be made by the Program Director.
    2. If the session they will attend is after the camp in which they will serve as a Junior Counselor, they must be registered with a non-refundable deposit paid for their camp session no later than 2 weeks prior to session in which they will serve as a Junior Counselor.
    3. A 25% discount/rebate will be given to the Junior Counselor for the session in which they attend as a camper. A discount will be given if they have already served as a Junior Counselor; a rebate will be given otherwise after they have completed their service as a Junior Counselor
  3. It is the Junior Counselor's responsibility to make the initial contact with the Program Director for whom they wish to serve.
  4. Sign the Junior Counselor Registration Packet, have your parent/guardian sign the form, and return the form to the Program Director for whom you wish to serve.

Requirements of the Program Directors:

It is the sole responsibility of the Program Director to ensure the following take place. Failure to do so could lead to some Junior Counselors not being able to serve during their week.

  1. Communicate all of the information in the Junior Counselor Registration Packet and all policies regarding counselors to the potential Junior Counselors and their parents.
  2. Make sure that each Junior Counselor has the maturity to serve in this capacity.
    1. The ministry of developing Junior Counselors as Christian leaders is secondary to the primary ministry of the campers.
    2. If a Junior Counselor needs a program that focuses solely on their own leadership skills, the camp offers PATHWay, which is an outstanding choice, or they need to receive it elsewhere.

Note for Clarity's Sake: I do hope their leadership, discipleship, and mentoring skills are developed while serving as a Junior Counselor. We just want to make sure it is absolutely clear that the ministry to the campers takes precedence over the ministry to our counselors.

  1. Make sure each Junior Counselor has a full understanding of why they are serving - that they are here for the ministry and not for a "back-stage pass" to camp.
  2. Have no more than 25% of their staff made up of Junior Counselors.
  3. Ensure that there is no bedroom in which a Junior Counselor is the only staff person spending the night.
  4. Ensure that families/teams are led by an equal number or greater adults than Junior Counselors.
  5. Designate one adult to serve as the mentor for each Junior Counselor. Preferably this will be someone with several year's experience who can offer guidance and oversee the Junior Counselor's progress.
  6. Sign and return the Junior Counselor Registration Packet to the camp office at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of your camp. No Junior Counselor will be accepted after this point.